Empires & Puzzles: level 85, troops 29/17/11

Empires & Puzzles
I'm selling an high level account lv 85 with team power 5100+ and mana troops lv 29. Details:

maxed purple 5*: bastet (20,LB), arfanias (20, LB), obakan c (20, LB), quintus (20), sartana c (20), domitia
maxed yellow 5*: hanitra (20, LB), drake c (20, LB), vivica c (20), gazelle (20, LB), joon (20), norns (20), justice, leonidas
maxed green 5*: alberich c (20, LB), kadilen c (20 LB), chameleon (20), telluria (20), Lianna (20 LB), Elkanen (20), Tarlak (20), Balbar
maxed blue 5*: Mr. Pengi (20 LB), morel (20, LB), Lepus c (20 LB), krampus c (20, LB), frida (20), frosth (20), Isarnia (20 LB), Magni (20), Raffaele,
maxed red 5*: tahir (20 LB), Black Knight c (20 LB), marjana c (20, LB), yang Mai (20), elena (20), Khagan, Jean-francois (20), Azlar (20)
others 5*: Vanda c, Morax, Noor, Caitlin, Thoth-Amun, russell, throne c, horgall, richard + 15 duplicates

4* maxed: 38 with and without costume, emblems and LB
3* maxed: 40 with and without costume, emblems and LB

troops: 5 x lv29, 5 x lv17, 5 x lv11

Screen available on demand.

Ascension: Blade x16, Telescope x13, Tonic x20, Rings x24, Darts x17, Tabard x31, Tome x22
Emblems: more than 5500 for each tipes, reset emblem x45
LB 5*: fire x6, ice x3, nature x6, dark x1, holy x6

mail: [[email protected]][email protected][/email]
telegram: @puzzle_empire
Line ID: puzzle_empire
No timewaster.

Paypal or bank transfer.
Ebay transaction (I have an account 100% feedback on over 60 international transaction), pick up in Milan (come for a visit and pick up your accout), via email.
Price: 300 EUR
Seller: Andrearega9090
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