Guild Wars: 104k Acc worth | 17 Legendaries

Guild Wars
Guild Wars 2 high end account

17 Legendaries:

-Chuka & Champawat
-Flameseeker Prophecies
-The Minstrel
-Kamohoali'i Kotaki

Astralaria 80% done (missing obsi shards)
Legenday back: AD Infinitum

- All mats ready for legendary armor just need to clear last wing
- 8 Ascended sets (Hvy set for wvw,2xHvy set with +5 power infusions,1x Hvy viper set +5 malign infusions)
- Perma Bank,Trading Post
- Perma gathering tools
- Perma salvage items
- Mystic forge conduit
- Permanent Royal Terrace Pass
- 104k Acc value
- 6800 liquid Gold
- 16k AP
- 1090 WvW rank
- Pvp rank 1 (never bothered to do pvp)
- 173 Mastery rank

Can provide e-mail, CD-key. (Original owner)

Accepting paypal only
Middleman (buyer pays the fee)
Send me your offer
Price: 250 USD
Seller: kingdiamond
Contact seller

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